Atelier Kramar 'Bohem', Goriska Brda, Slovenia 2017

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The wonderful 'Bohem'  is made from Tocai Friulano grape, possibly the most loved grape of Friuli and Slovenia.

What the heck is Tocai Friulano, you might ask? 

Well it's interesting, but a bit complicated.

From 2007 the European Court of Justice of Luxembourg prohibited the use of the word 'Tocai' in any wine country but Hungary. So since 2007 Tocai Friulano is merely known as “Friulano” in Friuli and Slovenia, and is labeled as such. 


Bohem is is a white wine with mouth-filling texture, gorgeous spices and white peach aromatics. Its satisfying mineral finish leaves you longing for a second glass. 

The wine sees three days of skin contact, the delicate hint of tannins is certainly there,  but this is not an orange wine. 

Bottled after 18 months in old barrels. A full body wine that will benefit from some food pairing, but it is not too boozy and stays fresh and drinkable at 12% abv.